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Transformation Education

The Children's Guild is guided by Transformation Education, or TranZed, an organizational philosophy and operation system for child-serving organizations. TranZed helps The Children's Guild create a flexible, brain-compatible organizational culture that emphasizes the values, skills and beliefs necessary for a successful life. As part of that philosophy, The Children's Guild focuses on transforming the mindset and actions of its teachers, clinicians and staff rather than trying to focus on changing the behavior of its students. Through TranZed, The Children's Guild uses a holistic approach by harnessing its systems, staff, environment, and curriculum to provide an enriched and effective milieu for educating young people.

The Upside Down Organization

The Upside Down Organization (UDO), a program of The Children's Guild Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and advocacy of TranZed. Led by career child advocate Frank J. Kros, UDO offers professional development experiences, mentoring services, learning tools and organizational branding that helps improve the skills of all people who educate, parent, guide and care for young people.

To learn more about Transformation Education or the products and services of the Upside Down Organization, visit

Transformation Education: A Case Study of the Children's Guild

Researchers from George Washington University performed a study that explored the impact of Transformation Education on The Children's Guild and two of its programs. The study shows outcomes of student academics, school satisfaction, organizational health and therapeutic group homes. One of the most impressive findings says the return rate to a least restrictive environment for students at the Children's Guild was 8.4 percent higher than the national average. For more findings, read the entire Transformation Education case study.


The Children's Guild day school
Environment is a pillar of Transformation Education, which emphasizes brain-based learning through stimulating visuals.

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